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Fire flame modular cabin sauna charred wood burned pine


We aim to combine and unite old traditions with a modern approach to housing. Today’s technology allows to think bigger, take on ambitious ideas, and boldly implement them. This approach is embodied deep in our products.

“Smalla” is a collaboration of individuals with similar values, but different and complimentary qualities. We have backgrounds in construction, architecture and product design. This blend of experience lets us deliver bold beauty without compromising functionality.

All of this combined with quality time-tested materials are the ingredients we use, to bring our clients most joy and satisfaction from their favourite space, wherever it would be.


Our portable modular cabins and saunas are delivered fully built and ready to use right away. They can be easily loaded on to a truck and brought to your piece of property. Traditional japanese wood charring technique (Yakisugi) gives our products not only a pristine look, but longevity as well. Even the not so visible parts of construction, like insulation or waterproofing, we do tediously without cutting any corners. Clever design features and superb materials let us ensure that our modular cabins and saunas will be easy to maintain, enjoyable to use and long lasting.

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