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smalla modular sauna black charred wood shou sugi ban led lighting wood stove

Spacious, modern and built with every detail in mind, our modular saunas bring joy and a sense of wellbeing.

Nowadays, the sauna has become an integral part of recreation, leisure and a healthy lifestyle. A sauna at home, in the yard, on the shore of a lake or elsewhere has already become a daily routine, which is not surprising. It is a place that not only provides rest and tranquility, but also is a cozy gathering place.

Modular construction methods significantly reduce building time and costs. In modular construction, all of the structure is built at the same time, i.e. floors, walls, ceilings, rafters, this is what shortens the construction time and has a significant advantage over conventional construction. No construction mess or stress, you get a fully built and ready to use building. Due to indoor manufacturing, time of year and bad weather conditions have no effect  on the built quality and duration.

The outdoor modular sauna differs from other buildings in that it is compact, fairly quick to build and high quality. It is a modern structure that meets all construction requirements, is environmentally friendly, modern and stylish. The addition of modern lighting and large windows enhances the sauna experience, especially if such a sauna is surrounded by nature.

Our modular saunas are sold fully equipped and delivered to the site fully manufactured and ready to use. Due to a sturdy metal base, they are easily transportable to any location and can even be relocated multiple times.

We have a standard modular sauna that meets the expectations of many, but if you want an exclusive design of your own, we will make it for you. We are open to your wishes, ideas and new challenges. We work all over Europe. If you have an idea, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to implement it, and our specialists will always answer your questions and, if necessary, advise you. Modular sauna - a modern, up-to-date and practical sauna that will captivate everyone. Make your dream come true with Smalla.

smalla modular sauna interior silding door linden alder flooring
Modular sauna sliding bench

Outdoor modular sauna description

Can be placed on any hard surface, concrete or metal post foundations

Easy plug & play installation

Can seat up to 8 people

Built on a metal base frame for portability and longevity

Sliding lower bench and wide upper bench

Tempered glass partition and door

Sliding aluminum framed glass doors

Charred (yakisugi) and oiled wood exterior walls

Mineral wool insulation

EPDM roofing and internal rain water drainage

Alder wood interior cladding and flooring

Sauna dimensions:

Length 6m

Width 2.8m

Height 2.8m

Heat room 12.6m³

Terrace width 0.8m

Wood burning stove:

Stoveman 16-LS

Output 17kW

Heating capacity 8-16 m³

Stone capacity 140 kg

22l hot water tank

Other options:

Sauna house 5mx2.5m


We offer the option of creating a unique sauna to fit your specific needs. Custom modular sauna.

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