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Modern minimalism, wood and a sauna with a window to nature.

When pace of life is very fast and tense, more and more people are looking for rest and relaxation in nature. The sauna has become an integral part of that. Can you imagine your rest and leisure surrounded by beautiful nature, sitting in a hot sauna and looking at nature through a large window. It can be not only a dream, but also a reality at hand. If you have a yard, a garden or a corner of nature by a lake or sea, but you do not want and cannot load it with large buildings, then an outdoor modular sauna will be just for you.

This sauna is a modern, cozy and contemporary modular building, suitable for any location. No not need for a large area of ​​land, as it is compact, however reveals all the pleasures of the sauna. So you can have a sauna wherever you want, even in your small yard.

The outdoor modular sauna differs from other buildings in that it is compact, fairly quick to build and high quality. It is a modern structure that meets all construction requirements, is environmentally friendly, modern and stylish. The addition of modern lighting and large windows enhances the sauna experience, especially if such a sauna is surrounded by nature.


By ordering this sauna you get a fully built, insulated and equipped modular sauna, finished with burnt (Yakisugi / Shou sugi ban) pine timber slats, black alder interior siding and sauna benches, larch plank floors. The sauna has a powerful wood burning stove (an electric stove is optional), so you will enjoy a wonderful view of the fire, real heat and a great sauna experience. Due to a sturdy base, it is easily transportable to any location and can even be relocated multiple times.

This small sauna does not leave anyone indifferent, as it is made by highly experienced professionals and from quality materials. Entrust all the work to professionals and you will not be disappointed. If you are looking for a larger sauna, then our modular sauna house is suitable for you. We produce not only modular saunas, but also modular houses (micro houses). Modular housing is a reliable, modern construction.

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Outdoor modular sauna description

External dimensions: height 2.4m, width 2.4m, length 2.4m

Can seat up to 6 people

Internal dimensions: height 2.1m, width 2.1m, depth 2.3m

Floor joists are made of pressure treated C24 graded lumber.

Wall frame and ceiling joists are made of C24 graded lumber

The walls and roof are insulated with 10 cm thick mineral wool.

UV-resistant wind insulation film is used on the outside, Alu paper on the inside

The facades are clad with burnt (yakisugi) pine wood

Ventilated roof covered with EPDM coating

Sauna beds are made form black alder wood

The upper sauna bench is 65cm wide (with integrated LED lighting)

The lower sliding bench is 48cm wide

Walls are clad in black alder siding

Floors are made of larch boards

Stove: wood burning Stoveman 16 (Harvia diabase stones 140kg)

Double wall chimney with 22L water tank

Tempered glass window and sauna door

We offer the option of creating a unique sauna to fit your specific needs. Custom modular sauna.

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